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Explore our expanding series of educational white papers offering professional guidance and best practices in background screening, onboarding, and compliance.

Workplace drug testing and marijuana laws change rapidly. Our experts reveal the latest best practice for ongoing compliance.

Brett Holubeck, Associate at Fisher & Phillips, discusses the latest updates from agencies such as the EEOC and the NLRB that employers need to know as we head into the final months of 2023.

Our subject matter experts discuss the potential risks and biases of using artificial intelligence (AI) in hiring and onboarding.

Our experts discuss key observations from our work with carriers and provide a comprehensive transportation industry update and forecast.

Explore five key practices that will help you successfully implement a globally compliant background check policy.

Subject matter expert Jo McGuire discusses the latest employer limitations and highlights drug & alcohol testing best practices when reviewing screening programs.

Explore background screening practices of multinational financial institutions and how they leverage key searches to hire quality talent.

Arnall Golden Gregory LLP (AGG) lawyers discuss top-of-mind workplace issues, including the latest updates on employment and privacy concerns.  

Discover the role of non-conviction criminal data in background screening.

Our experts share differences between U.S. and international background screening, debunk common myths, and how to target your resources on the key countries and searches.

Industry leaders discuss the Clearinghouse, upcoming regulatory changes, and what they mean to your pre-employment screening program.

Avoid negligent hiring and reputational harm with criminal background checks.

Learn how empathy may be your greatest tool to reengage employees experiencing burnout.

Industry leaders discuss the Clearinghouse, upcoming regulatory changes, and what they mean to your pre-employment screening program.


Improve your background check turnaround time with these top considerations.


Learn what employers, especially in the financial services sector, need to know about the rapidly changing economic conditions and what it means for HR professionals.


Learn the latest guidance for workplace drug testing, as well as the common pitfalls to avoid when reviewing your program.


Learn the latest guidance for workplace drug testing, as well as the common pitfalls to avoid when reviewing your program.

2022 Mid-Year Employment Law Update

Learn the latest employment law developments and what emerging legal issues employers should anticipate for the remainder of 2022.

Explore key issues surrounding Personally Identifiable Information and employment background checks.

Learn key practices for implementing an effective and compliant vaccination tracking and health record management program.

Learn about compliance and considerations for your student immunization tracking program.

Stay ahead of financial services' changing environment with these latest talent screening trends.

Explore how to use social media to screen for pre-determined risk factors, cultural fit, behavioral traits, and more.

Discover the latest guidance for workplace drug testing and common pitfalls to avoid when reviewing your program.

Keep your drug testing program current with evolving marijuana laws.

Learn the latest talent screening trends in healthcare and how to overcome some of today's background screening, recruitment and hiring challenges.

Stay ahead of healthcare's evolving landscape with these latest talent screening trends.

Learn how employers can avoid common hiring pitfalls in 2022, recent developments in background screening litigation, and more.

Minimize the risk of negligent hiring liability by considering these key best practices.

Learn what transportation employers and carriers should consider when building a talent screening program for 2022 & beyond.

Uncover Transportation industry insights from Cisive's benchmark report.

Explore New York's latest guidance for employers on marijuana drug testing.

Uncover 5 key red flags when selecting a long-term background screening partner.

Discover key trends affecting HR technology and talent acquisition in 2022 and beyond.

Cisive’s latest research uncovers how employers are updating their employment screening practices and talent strategies in the new normal.

Uncover the latest talent screening trends in Cisive's 2021 benchmark report.

Learn how to legally promote D&I initiatives in today's ever-changing workplace.

Learn how to safeguard your healthcare organization in APAC from fraud with a comprehensive background check program.

Fisher Phillips' attorneys Kevin Troutman and Mauro Ramirez review employment law developments and discuss the emerging legal issues to anticipate for the remainder of 2021.

Learn how to maintain compliance and avoid costly litigation across all areas of recruiting and onboarding.

Dionne Austin, Director of Credentialing Programs at PreCheck, provides an overview of the advantages and key considerations for implementing an optimized healthcare license management program.

Learn how an effective criminal screening program can help improve and maintain the quality of new hires.

Learn the advantages and key considerations for building a continuous monitoring program that safeguards your organization in the long term.

Learn the latest federal and state marijuana laws and what employers should consider to remain compliant.

Learn practical international screening best practices to comply with the law, mitigate risk, and implement an effective global employment screening program.

Learn how adopting continuous screening practices can help employers minimize insider threats and security risks.

Learn what the 2020 elections mean for marijuana drug testing in the workplace moving forward.

Learn about the benefits of integrating your applicant tracking and background screening solutions.

Learn the latest legal considerations every employer should know when managing their workforce during the evolving pandemic.

Learn how to address the challenges of providing a positive candidate experience during the background check process.

Discover how to seamlessly integrate your background screening program with an applicant tracking system.

Learn employers' duties under the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) when ordering and using background checks for employment purposes.

Learn how traumatic events such as the coronavirus can contribute to the rise of drug & alcohol use and the opioid epidemic.

Learn the critical role of COVID-19 testing protocol and contact tracing programs in safely reopening the workplace amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Learn legal risks and requirements and practical solutions for safely reopening the workplace in the midst of the coronavirus crisis.

Learn how COVID-19 workplace testing can help organizations of all sizes reopen safely amid the growing fears of the pandemic.

This webinar covers the latest guidance as of May 27, 2020 for employers as they re-open after the COVID-19 crisis.

This webinar covers best practices surrounding compliance with the FFCRA and CARES legislation as they relate to the COVID-19 crisis.

Learn the latest background check best practices to ensure your program's ongoing compliance and avoid liability during the hiring process.

Employers have specific obligations under the FCRA, including requirements with respect “adverse actions.”  This paper examines employer adverse-action-related obligations under the FCRA. 

In this webinar, supervisors will learn what they need to determine if an employee may be impaired and the critical action steps they should take in these situations.

As the workplace evolves and technology advances, you would think the hiring process is more efficient. In this paper, we address some of the challenges of measuring Time to Fill, and we offer 7 best practices to help improve recruiting and onboarding processes.

Employee background screening is essential to identify potential threats during the hiring process. Learn why hiring today no longer means performing background checks only on incoming hires, but having continuous, post-hire monitoring as well.