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Why partner with Cisive?

We develop strategic partnerships with best of breed technology and service providers to enhance offerings, drive revenue, and provide a more seamless overall experience for our clients. These partnerships result in:

Optimized Efficiency

Increased efficiency for hiring top talent and leveraging best of breed tools to manage the screening and onboarding process that enables faster time to hire

Streamlined Integration

Streamlined integrations with tools needed throughout an employee's lifecycle to hire and manage more candidates and provide an overall better candidate experience

Candidate Experience

Deliver a world class candidate experience and maintain compliance within highly regulated industries such as healthcare, business and financial services

Partnership Types

Maximize your program investments to dramatically improve your entire talent journey via three core areas, highly integrated API solutions, contracted Group Purchasing Organizations, or through Go To Market collaboration

Integration Partners

We seamlessly integrate with your preferred HR, applicant tracking systems (ATS), and other technology platforms to help improve offerings to streamline the hiring process for enhanced efficiency and a reduced time-to-hire

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Group Purchasing Organization (GPOs)

Cisive/PreCheck is an approved contracted supplier for the country’s largest Group Purchasing Organizations that allows our clients and partner’s clients to take advantage of national contracting agreements

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Go To Market Partners

Cisive is aligned with industry leaders to enhance our offerings and ensure our clients have the most current information about their specific industry and overall talent acquisition process

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Integration Partners
Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs)
Go to Market Partners
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