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Business intelligence for compliance and due diligence

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The proof is in the stats
accuracy, the most trusted background checks in the industry
average customer time-to-fill reduction
of our criminal searches close within 1 hour
class action lawsuits vs. hundreds in the industry
The proof is in the stats
minutes or less to complete results
Days average improvement in time-to-starts
total available collection sites
electronically-enabled collection sites


Our research products are world class and have a global footprint.

We leverage the Cisive technological advantage and industry expertise to continuously evaluate and implement new techniques.

Our team of experts can provide detailed and actionable intelligence during all phases of the business cycle.

Pre-investment due diligence

Cisive helps implement and manage global due diligence, fraud detection, and screening programs to ensure clients comply with legal and regulatory requirements. Our multidisciplinary team gives corporate decision-makers tailored solutions to mitigate risk

Post-investment due diligence

Cisive helps you monitor risks and maintain a competitive advantage after a business transaction or acquisition is concluded. Our solutions ensure your business partners, suppliers, and sales agents operate with integrity

Advisory services

Cisive applies intelligent technology and global capabilities for litigation support, business and financial misconduct investigations, international asset tracing, and business relationship analysis

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Background reports you can rely on

Join the Cisive movement to onboard only the highest quality talent quickly, while eliminating bad actors that put you, your teams, & your clients at risk. Upgrade your talent solutions, streamline your hiring, and de-risk your business

Multiply your talent
"My case manager really does a great job assisting me with all my cases. Whether it's receiving status updates or clearing cases; she always gets back to me on time."

N. Shanta W.



Get screening & compliance excellent
"My client account manager is a FIVE-STAR employee and someone you can be very proud to have on your team."

Ronald C.

HealthTrust PG


Elevate your talent & your workforce
“Words cannot express how grateful I am to have you as a resource. Cisive literally made my job easier and it’s always an ABSOLUTE pleasure, you truly provide first-class service!”

Jasmyne P.



Holistic Fingerprinting Services

Providing wholistic solutions for clients with a single platform, comprehensive services and extensive knowledge in fingerprint services

Customizable & Services-Based

Creating specific client support fingerprinting solutions to meet the customized needs of agencies & clients everywhere is what we do better than anyone

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Experience to solve any challenge

Understanding the different types of fingerprint transactions & agencies with in-house experts to partner with clients to meet their unique needs

Partners for full compliance

FBI Channeling, FINRA, NMLS, SWFT services to support compliance that meet all regulatory standards

Awards & certificates
Awards & certificates

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