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Giving You Peace of Mind in a Constantly Changing Environment

Cisive continually researches, interprets, and socializes changes in the regulatory and statutory frameworks that have a direct — or even a peripheral — relationship to employment screening, hiring, and related activities. Services range from FINRA broker sanctions searches to searches through the Fraud & Abuse Control Information System. We stay informed, so you don’t need to worry.

An Active Employer Advocate on Background Screening Regulations

Cisive stays abreast of proposed and enacted changes to federal and state legislation through numerous legal, human resource, employment, and background-screening resources. We’re an active member of the Background Screening Credentialing Council (BSCC), the autonomous and independent credentialing body responsible for the implementation, auditing, and awarding of NAPBS accreditation. This is one of the many reasons why clients in highly regulated industries rely on Cisive for accuracy and to keep them compliant.

Global Sanctions

This search thoroughly checks over 70 global databases covering financial sanctions, suspected terrorist watch lists, and most-wanted criminals. Data sets include the OFAC, FBI, ATF, Homeland Security, OFSI, GSA Debarment, OIG, Interpol Most Wanted, U.N. and EU terrorist lists, and many more. Searches should be conducted on provided and developed names.

Self-regulated Organizations Checks (SRO)

This is a comprehensive search of over 70 financial services regulatory databases, including state securities commissions, SEC, various FINRA industry checks, NYSE, NASDAQ, CBOE, BATS, and others.

U.S. FFIEC Check

Cisive conducts a search of enforcement actions and orders against institutions or their affiliated parties via the following regulators: Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (FRB); Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC); National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), and Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC).

FINRA Broker Sanctions Search

Cisive will search the FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) database, which provides licensing, disciplinary actions, industry exams, and employment history for financial positions regulated by FINRA. This search is conducted to determine if there are any disciplinary actions against individuals or firms as reported to FINRA by several other regulatory organizations as well as actions instituted by the FINRA organization. The following information is needed to conduct this search: individual name (and/or CRD number) or firm name (and/or CRD number).

Financial Anomalies Search Technology (FAST)

This service gives compliance officers and recruiters a way to match regulated candidates’ self-disclosures regarding public civil records, liens, or judgments in compliance with federal, state, or local laws and regulations, or the rules of a self-regulatory organization under the exclusions found in FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) §603 (y)(1)(B)(ii). When the comparison between the self-disclosures (such as the FINRA U-4 or U-5 forms) and the Cisive FAST is complete, the reviewer will have the opportunity to select specific reported records for further research at the source to obtain accurate, complete, and up-to-date records matched to the candidate.

Fraud and Abuse Control Information System Level III, or iMed (Healthcare Check)

This comprehensive and compliance-critical risk mitigation tool for healthcare professional includes a search of the sanction, debarment, and exclusion history of individuals and organizations against federal and state-level databases (all 50 states). These databases include General Services Administration Office of Inspector General (HHS/OIG), Drug Enforcement Administration, Food & Drug Administration, TRICARE, and individual state healthcare licensing boards.

Our Full Suite of Background Screening Solutions

  • Criminal Background
    Cisive always conducts multiple repository searches. An investigative audit confirms record accuracy, followed by a review for legal dissemination under state, federal, and international law.
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  • Social Security Number
    Cisive conducts an inquiry on the individual's Social Security number against commercial sources to include credit bureau header information, augmented with related compiled name and address information.
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  • Employment & Education
    Cisive is known for the thoroughness and accuracy of our investigations. Our proprietary process relies on a technology interface to ensure verifications are completed within your time frame.
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  • Motor Vehicle Records
    Cisive conducts a statewide Motor Vehicle Record Check (MVR) of the appropriate motor vehicle files based on the state in which an operator license is issued.
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  • Credit History
    Cisive includes credit and litigation history, Social Security number trace, and current and previous addresses, and may include current or former employers.
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  • Global Screening
    Cisive acquires background screening information in 196 countries, with a dedicated focus on in-country processes, procedures, and compliance.
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  • Drug Screening
    Cisive’s strategic alliance makes us a best-in-class provider of drug and alcohol testing, as well as in-house medical review services, all using the latest testing technology.
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  • Fingerprinting
    Cisive offers several options for fingerprint capture through strategic partnerships with a vast nationwide network of Live Scan locations.
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  • Social Media
    Cisive’s strategic partner searches and analyzes your job candidate’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram records.
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  • Vendor Screening
    Qualify prospective vendors, independent contractors, contingent workers, clients, and others to minimize potential losses from vendor-related fraud.
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