Drug Screening Solutions

Streamline Onboarding with a Fully Integrated Drug Screening Process

Cisive’s drug testing solution streamlines applicant onboarding with a fully integrated electronic Chain of Custody (eCOC) screening process that is completely configured in the Cisive Onboarding portal

  • Your applicants complete the self-registration process during the background screen and are presented with three local collection options, which are based on their current residential address. Applicants also have an option to select an alternative collection site to suit their schedule.
  • You have complete visibility into drug test results on the Cisive portal, including applicant registration, confirmation of actual collection, or no-show — through MRO (medical review officer) and final result.

Cisive has developed strategic alliances with best-in-class providers of drug and alcohol testing, as well as in-house medical review services, all employing the latest testing technology. Clients can receive rapid drug test results in real time, paperless drug test collections, online drug test scheduling, and notification of expired events and no-show donors. 

Domestic Drug Screening Services

Dedicated to a superior client and applicant experience, Cisive’s best-in-class drug screening services provide comprehensive domestic drug testing services, including:

  • Pre-employment — Urinalysis, oral fluid, and hair
  • Instant/point of collection
  • Mobile/on-site
  • Post-accident
  • Reasonable cause
  • Return to duty

Collection is available at Quest or LabCorp Patient Service Centers, Lab, and MRO (medical review officer). Partners are also integrated with SAMSHA- and CAP-certified labs, including Quest, LabCorp, Medtox, CRL, and more. Our partners have collection sites in most major cities and smaller port cities. Mobile, on-site collections are available in many locations.

Global Drug Screening

Helping employers navigate common international testing challenges is a core function of our program. Cisive partners understand the drug testing laws and cultural nuances of global businesses, offering a program that relies on state-of-the-art technology, centralized program support, collector training programs, and point-of-collection testing. Global drug testing services vary by country and can include:

  • Lab-based urine
  • Hair
  • Point of collection

DOT Testing

Cisive partners support DOT-wide regulations that identify how to conduct proper testing and return employees to safety-sensitive duties after a DOT drug and alcohol violation. Employees in certain regulated industries, such as commercial motor carriers, aviation, railroad, public transportation, pipeline, or maritime, are subject to DOT screening requirements.

DOT testing services include:

  • Random
  • Reasonable or suspicious cause
  • Post-accident
  • Return to duty
  • Follow-up testing
  • DOT Controlled Substance Abuse and Alcohol Form
  • DOT pre-audits
  • DOT audit assistance


Our Full Suite of Background Screening Solutions

  • Criminal Background
    Cisive always conducts multiple repository searches. An investigative audit confirms record accuracy, followed by a review for legal dissemination under state, federal, and international law.
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  • Social Security Number
    Cisive conducts an inquiry on the individual's Social Security number against commercial sources to include credit bureau header information, augmented with related compiled name and address information.
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  • Employment & Education
    Cisive is known for the thoroughness and accuracy of our investigations. Our proprietary process relies on a technology interface to ensure verifications are completed within your time frame.
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  • Motor Vehicle Records
    Cisive conducts a statewide Motor Vehicle Record Check (MVR) of the appropriate motor vehicle files based on the state in which an operator license is issued.
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  • Credit History
    Cisive includes credit and litigation history, Social Security number trace, and current and previous addresses, and may include current or former employers.
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  • Global Screening
    Cisive acquires background screening information in 196 countries, with a dedicated focus on in-country processes, procedures, and compliance.
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  • Vendor Screening
    Qualify prospective vendors, independent contractors, contingent workers, clients, and others to minimize potential losses from vendor-related fraud.
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  • Fingerprinting
    Cisive offers several options for fingerprint capture through strategic partnerships with a vast nationwide network of Live Scan locations.
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  • Social Media
    Cisive’s strategic partner searches and analyzes your job candidate’s Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Instagram records.
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  • Regulatory
    Cisive continually researches, interprets, and socializes regulatory and statutory changes associated with employment screening and related activities.
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