Continuous Criminal Monitoring

As employers seek to make informed hiring decisions to ensure safety in their workplaces and for their customers, there continues to be a focus on background screening.

Employee background screening is essential to identify potential threats during the hiring process. But once hired, employees are typically not re-checked during their tenure, leaving employers open to insider threat risk.

In an effort to mitigate risk and protect their businesses from insider threat, many employers are now conducting ongoing monitoring of employees for criminal arrests or convictions. 

Cisive offers a unique, one of a kind solution for the continuous monitoring of employees, delivering both industry leading 24/7 Real-Time Crime Alerts and the most accurate, compliant background screening solution.

24/7 arrest record monitoring

The service is easy to implement. The employer provides Cisive with a list of employees to be monitored on an on-going basis. The monitoring service will scan employees for criminal activity and provide an alert within 60 minutes or less of any criminal arrest or conviction. In addition, daily updates are accessible through Cisive’s platform. Personally Identifiable Information (PII) received includes name, DOB, SSN, DLN & address (when available).

  • Real-time Incarceration and Arrest Records —  Access to over 140 million U.S. bookings records through direct connections with over 2,000 jails and DOC facilities
  • Place “watches” on employee lists — Receive automated alerts when an employee is booked into custody, released from custody, and/or incarcerated for a certain “length of stay.”
  • Sources of incarceration and arrests are updated hourly.
  • Cisive provides alerts to clients upon validation of arrest (typically within 1-2 days).

Compliance Every Step of the Way

Cisive will conduct a compliant background investigation on an individual and create a report to include any and all of the components that a client has deemed a requirement to provide actionable information; including criminal history, social security number check, sex offender registry check, global sanctions, media search, bankruptcy, and more. The results of the background screening report are available 24/7 on Cisive’s online platform.

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