Major US Healthcare System Fixes Their Time-to-Fill

One Major Healthcare System’s Strategic Approach to Revolutionizing Their Background Screening

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Reduced position time-to-fill by 8 days, helping to directly address a critical nursing shortage

Candidate Dropout Rates

Dramatically decreased candidate dropout rates by integrating a streamlined onboarding process

Offer Streamlining

Leveraged heavy automation to expedite offers & pre-boarding, creating a quick & seamless candidate process

Talent Platform Customization

Easily tailored the talent platform to fit specific, complex needs by leveraging a deep understanding of healthcare-specific challenges

Benefit Statements

Automation & Tokenization:
An automated and tokenized background screening process drastically reduces time-to-fill, directly benefiting healthcare systems in urgent need of staff. 

Streamlined Onboarding:
Merging offer acceptance with background screening speeds up preboarding and improves the hiring experience, reducing nurse dropout rates.

Tailored Solutions:
Healthcare systems can leverage our three decades of industry-specific expertise for tailored solutions, giving clients a hiring advantage.

Challenge Summary  

This case study explores how one of the nation’s largest healthcare systems revolutionized their background screening process. By employing innovative automation and capitalizing on extensive industry experience, this healthcare system dramatically cut down their open nursing position time-to-fill, decreased candidate dropout rates, critical improvements amid a major national nursing shortage. The collaboration between this health system and PreCheck showcases their commitment to solving difficult challenges through smart, technology-driven solutions.


The healthcare system needed to reduce out of scope time-to-fill for critical nurse positions to address the immediate staffing needs. Improving the efficiency of the background screening process was identified as a key lever to driving aggressive onboarding goals. 


This case involves one of the nation’s largest healthcare system facing significant challenges in staffing, particularly in filling nursing positions as quickly as necessary to maintain their very high patient safety standards. The system operates across many locations, requiring a centralized and efficient hiring process to meet the demands of nursing vacancies and patient care.  


The client was experiencing high candidate dropout rates due to lengthy and inefficient hiring processes and a less than ideal candidate experience. The need for a much faster, more seamless background screening process was critical to retaining candidates throughout  onboarding. 


A series of flexible, innovative solutions were implemented quickly:

  • Streamlining the background screening process through automation, significantly reducing time-to-fill
  • Introducing a tokenized link system that integrates offer acceptance with the background screening process, eliminating delays and improving the candidate experience
  • Leveraging PreCheck's extensive healthcare industry experience to customize solutions, offering a competitive edge over generic 
screening services


This approach not only addressed the immediate challenge of reducing hiring delays but also positioned PreCheck as a strategic partner capable of delivering industry-specific solutions that others cannot. The success of this project underscores the importance of tailored solutions in the healthcare industry, where standard practices may not always meet unique organizational needs.

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