About us!!!!


Our History

We’ve Provided Investigative Services for Over 40 Years

At Cisive, we are experts in the specific risks and regulations that apply to the financial services and other highly regulated industries. For many years, we have provided tailored solutions to meet the unique requirements of our enterprise clients. 

Cisive’s service model provides a single, integrated system throughout the globe using complete applicant information and country-specific forms. Cisive returns information to our clients through a centralized system for analysis, quality control, presentation, and billing. 

With over four decades of experience and expertise in working with many of the world’s largest financial services institutions, Cisive’s deep insight into employment screening practices and industry know-how, is unlike any other background screening provider in the industry. 

Your business will not only get a background screening provider, but a lifelong partner – a company that stands by their work; protects their clients and provides the consultation and guidance world-class act organizations are looking for.