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Our History

We’ve Provided Investigative Services for Over 40 Years

Founded in 1977 as CARCO Group Inc., we launched our new brand Cisive in 2017 to keep pace with our incredible growth and our clients’ increasingly complex challenges for accurate information and insights to make confident decisions. Cisive is a member of the CIP Capital group of companies.

Cisive provides comprehensive global background investigations on potential and current employees, vendors, clients, and business partners. We also provide drug testing and fingerprinting services through alliance partners. Our investigation services include domestic and international due diligence, and general and financial investigations.

CARCO is our pre-insurance vehicle inspection and fraud prevention division. CARCO provides insurance carriers with pre-insurance vehicle inspection reports (underwriting reports) that significantly reduce auto insurance fraud. This service is provided to more than 600 insurance companies through a network of more than 6,000 inspection sites. CARCO inspects more than 1.5 million motor vehicles each year.

Driver iQ is our transportation division, focused on background screening in the long haul trucking industry. Driver iQ’s Previous Record of Employment (PRE) database, combined with Cisive’s expert background screening services, provides a comprehensive and reliable background/previous employment solution specifically built for the trucking industry.

Cisive Recognized as a 2017 Top 10 HRMS Solutions Provider

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