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Fingerprinting From Cisive

An Automated Fingerprint Solution for Your Unique Situation

Cisive offers several options for fingerprint capture through a strategic partnership with Accurate Biometrics, one of only 13 FBI-authorized channelers in the United States.

Experience and Leadership in Live Scan Fingerprint Capture Services

A channeler is a contractor who serves as the conduit for submitting fingerprints to the FBI and also helps expedite the delivery of Identity History Summary information on behalf of the FBI.

Accurate Biometrics has been providing live scan fingerprint capture services for over 14 years, capturing more than 1.4 million sets of fingerprints and becoming a leader in applicant fingerprint processing.

Cisive’s commitment to utilizing the most advanced technology results in a reduced number of rejected fingerprints, which reduces your costs. In addition, our philosophy of installing fingerprint capture equipment at “narrow scope” locations provides a more professional candidate experience.

The Flexibility of Multiple Submission Methods

  • Electronic Fingerprint Services (EFS) through an ever-expanding nationwide network of at least 1,200 collection locations by the end of 2017
  • Low-cost technology bundles that are placed on-site at the client’s locations; these units are small, portable, and very robust
  • Capture of fingerprints via FD-258 hard card ink capture; once completed, they are sent directly to our partner for electronic scanning and submission to the FBI and/or FINRA 

Our Full Suite of Background Screening Solutions

  • Criminal Background
    Cisive always conducts multiple repository searches. An investigative audit confirms record accuracy, followed by a review for legal dissemination under state, federal, and international law.
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  • Social Security Number
    Cisive conducts an inquiry on the individual's Social Security number against commercial sources to include credit bureau header information, augmented with related compiled name and address information.
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  • Employment & Education
    Cisive is known for the thoroughness and accuracy of our investigations. Our proprietary process relies on a technology interface to ensure verifications are completed within your time frame.
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  • Motor Vehicle Records
    Cisive conducts a statewide Motor Vehicle Record Check (MVR) of the appropriate motor vehicle files based on the state in which an operator license is issued.
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  • Credit History
    Cisive includes credit and litigation history, Social Security number trace, and current and previous addresses, and may include current or former employers.
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  • Vendor Screening
    Qualify prospective vendors, independent contractors, contingent workers, clients, and others to minimize potential losses from vendor-related fraud.
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  • Global Screening
    Cisive acquires background screening information in 196 countries, with a dedicated focus on in-country processes, procedures, and compliance.
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  • Drug Screening
    Cisive’s strategic alliance makes us a best-in-class provider of drug and alcohol testing, as well as in-house medical review services, all using the latest testing technology.
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  • Social Media
    Cisive’s strategic partner searches and analyzes your job candidate’s Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Instagram records.
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  • Regulatory
    Cisive continually researches, interprets, and socializes regulatory and statutory changes associated with employment screening and related activities.
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  • Small Business Solution
    Our background screening solution for small businesses delivers accurate, easy-to-use online background screening for criminal, credit, employment, and education verifications.
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  • Reality TV Contestant Selection
    Concerns remain around the integrity of applicants who hope to compete in reality TV shows. Don’t risk your show’s reputation when it can easily be protected.
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