Cisive Launches SAFE19 COVID-19 Clearinghouse to Help the World Safely Re-Open from Pandemic

April 29, 2020

Global background screening and compliance solutions provider Cisive announces new SAFE19 COVID-19 Clearinghouse product to support governments, businesses, and education institutions in safely re-opening while controlling the spread of the Coronavirus.

Holtsville, NY - Cisive, a global provider of compliance-driven human capital management and risk management solutions, announces the release of its new SAFE19 COVID-19 Clearinghouse product, developed to address the world’s journey to re-open after the Coronavirus global pandemic. Cisive’s SAFE19 solution is a secure, paperless, central repository specifically designed to handle the uploading, validation, and compliance reporting on COVID-19 test and immunization data. With SAFE19, governments, businesses, and education institutions can safely re-open while controlling the spread of COVID-19.

SAFE19 is a flexible, data-driven solution designed to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 with the capability to evolve as vaccines and various testing options become available. The system has the capability to use an individual’s profile data and immunization status to generate a digital or physical badge to verify their immunity before allowing them to return to campus or work. 

SAFE19 protects public health data and eliminates privacy concerns by offering a solution that is federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant. Designed to provide peace of mind to both organizations and end-users, SAFE19 provides confirmation authenticity of testing with dispute resolution to ensure the validity of individual records.

“Cisive is honored to contribute our solution to assist our global communities in recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic,” said James Owens, President and CEO at Cisive. “Our team collaborated to develop our new SAFE19 solution, which was specifically designed to help re-open communities in a safe and secure manner while controlling the spread of the Coronavirus. We are thrilled about the release of SAFE19 because it is a solution that will help governments, businesses, and other organizations across the globe work collectively to reduce the impact of COVID-19.”

SAFE19 is Cisive’s technology-enabled, full-service solution that offers governments, businesses, and education institutions with an option to safely re-open as the world enters the next phase of the COVID-19 pandemic. For more information about SAFE19 and other Cisive solutions, visit

About Cisive

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