Cisive Joins the City of Los Angeles’ Blue Ribbon Commission on Employment Equity

April 29, 2016

Cisive is proud to announce that Fred Giles, Senior Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, has been invited by Los Angeles' Mayor Garcetti to join his Blue Ribbon Commission on Employment Equity to help "ensure that all Angelenos have a fair chance to secure sustainable, living wage jobs that put them on the path to upward mobility."

Mr. Giles' role on the Committee will include working to support and amplify fair hiring practices throughout the City of Los Angeles, the state of California, and beyond.

According to Mayor Garcetti's invitation, Mr. Giles has been invited to join this prestigious committee as Cisive has been "a leader in the field of employment equity."

Per Mr. Giles, "Cisive is honored to take part in this initiative. We all have a role to play in reintegrating individuals as productive members of society after they have paid their debt for past mistakes."