CONTACT19 is Cisive's contact tracing solution that is built on decades of screening experience, advanced technology and a knowledgeable team of investigators. We take our expertise and provide you with a contact tracing program that is tailored to meet your organization’s needs. CONTACT19 ensures appropriate consideration of privacy concerns, legal constraints, and local regulatory compliance. We also provide templates and tools needed for identification, notification, and follow-up monitoring and support.


Contact tracing is a common method to help control the spread of infectious diseases. Today, it is a critical part of the fight against COVID-19. Contact tracing begins with those who test positive for COVID-19. Those with whom they have had close contact are then identified anonymously, as they may have been infected as well. These contacts are notified and supported through a period of quarantine. They are monitored until they develop symptoms, pass the window of risk, or are proven not to have been exposed.

Here's how CONTACT19 can help:

  • Allows employers to take a proactive approach to testing and contact tracing to ensure the protection of their workforce
  • Encourages employees to self-report if they have symptoms or a positive test
  • Identifies and notifies other employees (and sometimes contractors, customers, or visitors) who may have been in proximity, making recommendations for isolation or quarantine

You can combine CONTACT19 with our SAFE19 solution for a more robust workplace safety program.


CONTACT19 is adaptable to your organization’s unique work environments and notification protocols. The process begins with a detailed interview of each employee who self-reports symptoms and/or a positive test. We use a detailed template developed in association with medical authorities (detail required) to identify those who may have been exposed to infection. Our approach also considers mobile phone, security logs and CCTV images if this information is available. 

CONTACT19 prepares reports summarizing the details of other employees who may have been exposed and other relevant circumstances. We can also notify these individuals and provide them with advice and guidance in accordance with your corporate policies. CONTACT19 can seamlessly send data directly to SAFE19 if you subscribe to it as well.


All CONTACT19 team members are experienced Cisive employees who have completed the Johns Hopkins University COVID-19 contact tracing course and are trained to recognize ethical issues, and to offer empathy and respect. Our program is backed by a rigorous quality assurance process and our reporting is always reviewed for accuracy and content.

Please contact the Cisive CONTACT19 team by phone at 866.557.5984 or email at [email protected] for more information.

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