Cisive’s ACCESS19 is a secure, paperless, safety solution specifically designed to allow businesses to resume day-to-day operations while keeping their workforce safe from COVID-19. With rapidly changing conditions, Cisive’s solution allows organizations to maintain a safe workplace via ongoing monitoring and daily COVID-19 symptom and vaccination status validation.


  • Ensures Safety
    Keep your employees or students safe from COVID-19 with our flexible, data-driven solution that includes vaccine information such as its manufacturer, administration date, and the number of doses. This can evolve as new vaccines become available and additional "booster" shots are introduced.
  • Protects Privacy
    ACCESS19 protects public health data and eliminates privacy concerns.
  • Minimizes Risk
    Our solution provides attestation digital badges valid for 1 day, which expire at midnight. Minimizes the risk of COVID-19 by limiting access to your organization without daily attestation.



  • Secure Badge Immunity Verification
    ACCESS19 generates a digital badge that requires employees to provide COVID-19 self-attestation each day before returning to work, providing care, and so forth. Employees can also upload their vaccination card if required by your workflow.

  • Technology-Enabled, Full-Service Solution
    Safeguard your organization with our easy-to-use system that offers reporting capabilities and is backed by a dedicated service team ready to support your organization.

  • Customizable to Your Organization’s Model
    While ACCESS19 is designed to help you easily manage COVID-19 at your organization, our standard set of questions can be fully customized to meet your policies and protocols. 

Please contact the Cisive ACCESS19 team by phone at 866.557.5984 or email at [email protected] for more information.

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