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CARCO's Pre-Insurance Inspection Solution

Why does CARCO's vehicle Pre-Insurance Inspection Solution exist?

CARCO's Pre-Insurance Inspection Solution prevents fraud, reduces risk and decreases costs to insureds. This is complemented with the powerful vehicle title history data from National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS).

Since 1977, CARCO has been fighting fraud and reducing losses by creating an inspection database which is accessible 24/7 and houses over 35 million electronic inspections of the 50 million inspections conducted to date, which is accessed by law enforcement and insurance companies at a rate of 11,000 vehicles searched per day. Law enforcement and insurance fraud investigators not only regularly-access the database, but utilize it as a training tool as well!

Insurance fraud costs the motoring public millions of dollars each year. CARCO, working closely with the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) and other law enforcement agencies, has helped recover and prevent tens of millions of dollars in fraudulent claims over the years.

As the leading provider of Pre-Insurance Inspection services in the United States, we confirm inspected vehicles are properly valued and insured.

CARCO's mission and solution provide:


EPA Label



CARCO's years of experience coupled with forward looking technology has created a solution based on automation & ease of inspections. Captured by smart phone or tablet and transmitted to CARCO's inspection portal for immediate processing. CARCO maintains its platform at the forefront of technology deploying progressive solutions.





Examples include:

Central Repository and Inspection Copy Mailing Services to ensure current state regulations are met with the most current and efficient technology available.



NMVTIS reports help fight fraudsters, reduce loss to carriers & insureds, while helping minimize risk from an underwriting standpoint for carriers.

Reports include 100% JSI (Junk, Salvage and Insurance "Total Loss" info) for ALL vehicles and DMV info representing 96% of the US vehicle population (brand, title and odometer reading at time of titling) which ensure safe vehicles on the road.



CARCO's Pre-Inspection Insurance Solution lowers the risk of:
Non-existent vehicles ["Paper Cars"] | Claims for pre-existing damage | Salvage schemes "Cloned" vehicles | Multiple policy frauds | Import / Export schemes


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