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Taking the Necessary Measures to Protect Your Reputation

Reality Television has long-since morphed out of the initial impression that it was "just a fad." Of course, it has changed and evolved from its earlier iterations, but it continues to be a strong television presence that now encompasses hundreds of television channels. And it remains a good financial and ratings winner for the networks, although negatives and concerns remain.

Concerns have and will always exist regarding the integrity of the contestants applying for these shows. Past embarrassments of all sorts – be they legal or not – can result in a public relations nightmare and potentially cause real damage to your reputation and your financial bottom line. And in this lawsuit-happy world we live in, contestants – including those not actually chosen for a show – can wage legal warfare against the production companies and the networks. Knowing this, it is imperative that you take the necessary steps to investigate every potential contestant – in a proper and legal manner – for your Reality programming.

The bottom line is: "Are the contestants who they claim to be?". Due to our long-standing history and reputation as a leader in these types of investigations, we are perfectly positioned to provide the information that you will need to formulate the answer to this critical question.

It is well understood that there is no absolute standard when it comes to conducting research for Reality Television shows, and Cisive's contestant vetting research program was designed to be flexible so as to to meet the specific needs of each show. That said, following is a brief description of the basic investigative services we provide:


  • On-site criminal and civil court record review at the local, state, and federal levels
  • Driving history
  • Media review
  • Property record review
  • Employment verification
  • Education verification
  • Sex offender registry search
  • Statewide public records search

Other searches are available and can be conducted depending on your customized requirements.


Cisive, setting the standard for accurate and reliable investigative services for 39 years.

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