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Every business should have Cisive in its corner.

Your business should be protected and guarded at all costs. That is where we come in. We are Cisive, a nationally recognized leader in the investigation of internal and external fraud. We have been helping clients identify and address serious risks since 1977, and we are positioned to help you protect your company.

At Cisive, we take the investigation of your business matters very seriously—and nothing escapes us. We look under every rock, checking and double checking our findings to give you all the information you need to make an informed business decision. When you rely on Cisive, your business becomes our business.

Our in-depth investigative services are legendary in the security industry.
Take a closer look today to see the services we provide that can help you keep your company safe today and well into the future.

Due Diligence:
Cisive's investigative services provide domestic and international due diligence, helping corporate decision makers meet necessary compliance, namely in the areas of:


Intellectual Property Investigations:
As a result of product infringement, counterfeiting, theft of trade secrets, diversion of products and the improper use of trademarks, corporations sustain billions of dollars in Intellectual Property losses. Cisive can help as we have extensive experience in helping our clients in combating this growing problem, especially in the areas of:

Litigation Support:
Our investigators, research analysts, and information technology specialists can assist corporate and outside counsel in preparing for litigation, arbitration, or settlement strategy, specifically in the areas of:


Risk Mitigation:
Cisive's team works closely and confidentially alongside your management and/or legal counsel to provide:

For more information, contact an Investigative Specialist at 1-800-969-2272, ext. 329 or investigations@cisive.com.

Cisive, setting the standard for accurate and reliable investigative services for 39 years.

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