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Today's competitive business environment requires continuous research, analysis, negotiation, and problem-solving capabilities. It is important to choose the right individual or entity to work with. It is unbelievable the types of misrepresentations that are found every day, which have consequences that can cost organizations millions in lost revenue, as well as public embarrassment. Perhaps more unbelievable is the fact that simple due diligence can prevent many of these instances from occurring.

With five offices based throughout the country, as well as a multi-disciplined staff, Cisive Investigative Solutions & Consulting, is able to provide effective, affordable, national and international coverage. Specialized support services are provided for both large and small companies in all industries including financial, insurance, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, entertainment, healthcare, and service-related industries, as well as the legal community that supports these businesses.

Cisive Group - Investigative Solutions & Consulting can help you with:


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Cisive, setting the standard for accurate and reliable investigative services for 39 years.

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