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There is a right way to search deeper than the resume to better understand who you are hiring.

Cisive has partnered with online search innovator Fama to offer our clients a better understanding of the character and trustworthiness of their potential hires via Social Media Searches.

A combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning and human-based quality assurance automatically highlights red flags. Flags may reference violence, bigotry, illegal drugs, discriminatory behavior - or any 'custom risk' that can have a negative impact. Fama's secure, cloud-based platform offers a revealing perspective into a person's character, with a focus on standardization and compliance inherent in market-leading enterprise software.

Social Media Search

Key Points

Fama finds four types of social media flags:

Flexible to fit your evolving hiring profile. Employers define the types of risk they want to surface on potential candidates. Interested in seeing all bigotry posts first? No problem. Don't care about alcohol references? Then you won't see them. Not sure? Fama spent the better part of a year researching the flags most recruiters deem important, and we can offer an 'out of the box' set-up to get you started.




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