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Cisive's Easy, Convenient and Compliant Drug Testing Solution

In addition to companies that are required by federal regulation, private employers should incorporate drug testing of their employees as part of their risk mitigation process.

Cisive has the drug testing solution that is easy and convenient for employees and compliant, with federal, state and local laws, for their employers.

Drug Testing Services:

By leveraging Cisive's existing network and single sign-on process, our clients can increase efficiencies and remove additional integration requirements. The online process provides these valuable benefits and more:


Partnering with you on operational procedures, information systems, customer support, and regulatory issues, Cisive offers a seamless, fully integrated range of employment screening and drug testing services. Billing and management reports are fully integrated through Cisive's systems.

Cisive’s drug screening services include standard 5-9 panel urinalysis, hair testing, DOT/non-DOT, random drug screening services, emergency services, for-cause services, and more.

The online drug screening service addresses every facet of the drug testing process and includes collection site and laboratory management, confidential reporting and record keeping, Medical Review Officer (MRO) oversight, integration, random selections, employee management, and consolidated billing.



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